By combining non-surgical procedures (LASER therapy), with surgical regenerative procedures that are minimally invasive (bone additions, guided bone regeneration, and guided tissue regeneration) we are able to successfully treat periodontal disease, which unless treated, leads to the loss of teeth.

Periodontal disease is a common and serious disease that requires complex treatment to be carried out. This treatment begins with a very careful and thorough diagnosis, which highlights the causes of the disease and guides the entire therapeutic protocol, completely personalized. Within this complex diagnosis, the microbiological cause of the disease is analyzed in particular, the bacterial plaque and its component are revealed.

Depending on the severity of the disease, the treatment may be surgical or non-surgical. The success of the surgical treatment in the periodontal disease is ensured by the use of periodontal microsurgery techniques that are performed under magnification (microscope and magnifying glass), with specific instrumentation for this type of minimally invasive surgery, as well as LASER technology.

In cases when the situation demands it, we use modern techniques of conscious sedation (inhalation) with advanced monitoring of vital functions. For long-term success, we work alongside patients to ensure that they maintain a high control of the bacterial plaque, which we monitor and record periodically.

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