Orthodontic treatment is the safest and most effective method to obtain the perfect smile as early as adolescence. Moreover, it is a means of fighting against serious dental disorders, such as periodontal disease. It is known that a perfect smile provides the confidence boost needed when pursuing your objective, be it of social or professional nature, so what we’re offering you are the latest methods of getting there fast, and with no risks involved.

Today’s most recurrent requirement is Aesthetics. Besides the classic devices (mobile and fixed with metal brackets), we also offer INVISIBLE alternatives, purposely designed and tailored for patients with intense social and professional lives, who do not want to change their habits during treatment — fixed orthodontic appliances with SAFIR, CERAMIC bracelets or INCOGNITO(r) completely invisible dental device, mounted on the inside of the teeth.

By using innovative digital technology, we provide fully tailored solutions, major decreases in treatment times and increased and enhanced aesthetics. Preliminary analysis includes x-rays, CTs, digital and classic fingerprints, study models, specific professional photographs. Following this complex analysis, the medical team, coordinated by the orthodontic doctor, establishes the treatment plan. For speed and comfort, this analysis is performed within our clinic.

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